Rekey Locks

Stolen key? New house? Call us to rekey locks in Waterloo, Ontario. Don’t use the same key as the previous tenants. Don’t rely on a simple replacement of the original key should it was stolen. Chances are that a potential intruder will use it to break-in. Why take such risks? Call us to help you even if the key is lost. You never know who has it. Locksmith Waterloo is a professional company with experience in rekeyed locks. We provide fast service and can assist you urgently.

With our lock rekey service, intruders stay out

Do you know what happens when you rekey locks? The lock won’t open with the original key any longer. Cylinder locks have tiny pins in their mechanism which move to enable the key to go all the way in and turn in order to either open or lock the door. Since our intention is to keep intrRekey Locks Waterloouders or ex-tenants from using the original key or a copy of it to enter, our job is to change these pins so that they will work with a brand new key. So what we actually offer is key change service.

Want a master key system? Contact us

Our pros utilize the best key cutting machines to make a new key for you. Its grooves must match the new pin configuration. Lock rekey involves replacing the existing pins with new ones.

That’s a similar way we can create a master key system. Should you want the door to open with a master but also change key, we replace and fit the pins accordingly. And so the door works with two separate keys.

Although our company offers key replacement should yours breaks or is forgotten, we don’t recommend this option when the key is stolen or lost. In this case, it’s best for security purposes to cut a new key and rekey locks in Waterloo. So call us if you need experts in the job and fast lock rekeying in Waterloo. We are here to assist you.