Master Key Lock System

If you want a customized master key lock system in Waterloo, ON, contact our locksmith. Not all systems are the same. Designed to meet the needs of each and every building, these systems come in variations. The whole idea is to have a system that will grant different levels of access to different people. Current systems can be expanded. Locks & keys can be serviced. Whatever you need and whichever master key system, Locksmith Waterloo is available to assist you.Master Key Lock System Waterloo

Each master key lock system offers convenience & security

In spite of the differences between master key system lock options, they all include change and master keys. Change keys are the ones used by each tenant for the operation of their own door. Master keys come in variations. They might unlock all doors or just a specified number of doors. Everything is prearranged so that you will be able to grant access to certain areas within a building to particular people.

Choose the right master key system for your building

A simple apt building master key system in Waterloo, Ontario, might have only one master key and change keys. The master key is usually used by the manager, super or maintenance people. But systems can be far more complex too. That’s when the head of each office department must have access to all doors in his area. But the cleaning crew must have access to all doors inside the building. In such cases, you get an office master key system with several master keys and each will open some or all doors.

Call us now for master key lock system installation

If you like master key system installation in Waterloo, give us a call. We can help with the plans so that you will have a convenient system. There is no need for the super to walk around with many keys when only one key can open all doors! And the keys can still be replaced. The locks can be serviced. And the existing system can be expanded if your requirements change overtime.

Trust the best pros for the installation or service of your Waterloo master key lock system. Choose us. We will send out a specialized locksmith to help you in a professional way. Call us today for more information.